Pinky Basera


Adaptive and Blended Learning

Published on April, 24 2021

Adaptive and Blended learning is a method that integrates technology, online and offline learning. It provides digital learning and helps in personalized learning too. It improves students’ and teachers’ understanding and ability to work conditions.

It’s the learning which helps learners to reach their potentials and enhance their skills. Blended learning provides some important tools for promoting effective and adaptive learning. It is a terrific example of combining the strengths of multiple methods into powerful educational experiences that benefit students.

Not only this, it is the combination of online educational materials and online interactive opportunities with traditional place based on the classroom. It offers both convenience and flexibility. It offers and gives learners a more comprehensive understanding of the course content.

As we all were familiar with the traditional ways of learning and adaptive to them. Now a change in our life came in which we all have started to use different learning attributes and activities for learning which is relatable to blended learning.

Blended learning has given lots of experiences not only to the students but also to the teachers. We have begun with the technologies and different strategies.

As per my perception, I think that everyone dealing with technologies faced a lot of issues in maintaining and learning about online classes. As we kept getting information and knowledge of using technologies those who were not familiar are also empowering a mind to generate thoughts.

In this pandemic period, the implementation of blended learning has taken place which is a combination of classroom learning and online learning. Blended learning is effectively used for research studies also. It utilizes the various methodologies and compliments the existing teaching and learning system. It allows latest learning trends, applies new knowledge system, discusses and practice new skills to enhance the learning methods.

Blended learning benefits us in many ways and taught us about many other circumstances that we can face like:

-  Facing challenges.

Enhancing communication skills.

Being Confident.

Learning about language interpretation.

Cost Saving.

Time saving.

Motivating learners.

Engaging in many online activities as quiz, games, discussions etc.

We all are practicing Blended learning and using it effectively. In the end, I would only like to quote that

As it is well said that it’s never learnt until it’s done which is the same not only for students but we teachers also have learnt about the usage of technologies and new methods of teaching and learning and made it adaptive in our daily life to which we can say in one word that is Blended Learning.