Back to school tips

Published on August, 06 2021

After  a  long  session of  online  classes  we  are  finally  back to  school, In  the  beginning  of  school  students  invokes a  sense  of excitement and anxiety  .There is the excitement  of crossing yet  another  milestone  in our academic  journey , and  at  the  same  time  feeling  pressure  about impressing  the  teacher, performing  well in  the  class and  getting your peers to like you  are  inevitable . Now it’s time to break out of same school habits and homework habits you perform  earlier , try these school tips it will help you so much  and  get  the  opportunity  to  boost  your  brain  when  you are  back   to  school.

Develop organizational system
Not  all  organizational  systems  will   work  for  students .You  should  choose  the  ones  that  will  work  best  with  the  schedule    and  needs. Remember, though  that   learning  to  be  organized  takes  time  and practice .If the system doesn’t work for the first time you try again. You may just need time to be accustomed to it  .Time management  is important . This  allow you to plan your daily schedule  and use your time efficiently , it also support a better work life balance . this will be easier for you if you will start  building a strong organizational routine . Organization is also important that they often support the growth and development  of   other proficiencies  such as critical thinking and communication.

Track more than H.W in your school planner

Keeping  a calendar  that helps you plan ahead  - but you’ve got  but you have got more going on that just homework assignments! Make  sure you’re  marking your extracurricular ,work and social commitments too. By having all the information of work to do in one place, you’ll know  exactly where to look to find out what you need to do . You can also use your planner to prioritize tasks and set a study schedule. Once you know what assignments to do what are pending and what are done , it will be so easier for you.

Learn how to effectively communicate with your teachers 

Your  teachers are there to provide guidance and support. You’ll find that  teachers are more than happy  to provide  additional  instructions and  extra help. This also show that you care about your academic performance .Your teachers want to see that you are more interested  in the class material and you’re driven to succeed. There’s a good chance that a portion of your grades  will be based on your class participation. By effectively communicating with your teachers , you can help maintain  your class grades . It also helps in increasing your  communicating skill that will help in your future .

Reward  Yourself 

Positive reinforcement is an amazing thing. When you complete your tasks reward yourself in small ways . It encourages you to  achieve more in your life and do more participation in events ,you can get lessons  to do more better then you did last time.