Shreyashi Joshi



Fascinating Universe

Published on July, 22 2021

The universe has always fascinated human beings raising numerous thoughts in their minds. The Universe includes everything we can touch, feel, sense, measure, or detect. It encompasses living things, planets, stars, galaxies, dust clouds, light, and even time. Before the birth of the Universe, time, space, and matter did not exist. ... All we do know is the present-day Universe. Human curiosity amplified when Niel Armstrong and Bolwen Didrin landed on the moon in 1969.

Some of the scientists had made fascinating research on it, increasing the curiosity in our minds. Scientists made breakthrough researches on astronomy, the movement of planets, and gravity. There are thousands of Universe Mysteries unveiled through the introduction to spacecraft and highly sophisticated instruments. Scientists and Astronomers gathered information about Mars, Jupiter, and extra solar planets and Galaxies.


India also made remarkable progress in such researches. Now many countries are forming partnerships in order to explore the universe. Universe and its contents are so much fascinating to mankind since time immemorial. We, humans, look at the sky at night and wonder about the beauty it looks from space.

Over the centuries, more precise astronomical observations led Nicolaus Copernicus to develop the heliocentric model with the Sun at the centre of the Solar System. In developing the law of universal gravitation, Isaac Newton built upon Copernicus's work as well as Johannes Kepler's laws of planetary motion and observations by Tycho Brahe.

A number of questions come to our mind like – why we are so different?  Why we were not created earlier? Can we go and live on other planets and galaxies. Why is our planet so different?


Our scientists are making efforts to find answers to these questions about the universe. It takes years to get these answers. The universe is a great discovery and most fascinating. Earlier, there were folk tales about how the moon, sky, stars, the sun came into existence. Humans have a glimpse of all these through science fiction.

Apollo 15 carries a wheeled vehicle the Lunar Rover to explore the moon, which carved the path to further researches. The History of the universe- a book by David H. Lyth divulges massive findings about the universe and Inflation. In essence, there is so much to probe when it comes to the universe but the sole guiding factor for humankind will always be the undying curiosity towards it.