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How to Revise Effectively

Published on August, 13 2021

Learning is the process every student follows every day to make his future bright. For quick revision of what the teacher has taught in the class, I am going to tell you how to revise effectively with some effective tips and tricks in today’s blog.So, let’s begin -

Tip 1 Do Yoga

According to research, it has been proven that doing yoga inthe morning can not only make you calm but also increases your memory power and concentration.

Two simple yoga poses are: -

Vajrasana: Vajrasana means thunderbolt or diamond. It improves your blood flow and memory power. We have to do it for 30 seconds.

Sukhasana: Sukhasana means comfort pose. We have, do it in a cross-legged seated position for 1 minute.

Tip 2 Breaking the text into Chunks

If we have to revise a long answer we will first, read the whole text then underline the new de. Then we will divide it into separate paragraphs to revise it easily.

Tip No 3 Revise, Review, and Reward

After you have revised a chapter first revise it again then make a question paper of your own and check it. After checking, reward yourself with your favorite thing like the student’s most favorite thing- chocolate, etc.

Tip 4 Walk around as you memorized  the text

Take your study material in your hand and walk around your study space by reading the answer aloud. Walking makes you active stimulates blood flow to your brain and makes it easier to recall a text you have memorized.

Tip 5 Turn the words into a song to help you remember them

The music helps us remember & makes it easier for the information to stick in our brain. Like we studied English alphabets in nursery or days of the week.

Tip 6 Write and test

If you have revised your text close your books and write it in your rough copy. After writing, compare it with your actual text.

Tip 7 Revise in The morning

Recent studies have proven that morning is the best time to study. So, wake up early in the morning and revise what your teacher has taught in the class.

So that’s all for today’s blog. Hope you liked my blog. Thanks to my venerable teachers for giving me a chance.

Thanks, everyone.