Diya Joshi



Importance of Social Dynamics And Communication Skills

Published on April, 10 2021

Today we have entered a modern global world! Haven’t we? The immoderate subjection towards gadgets and increasing knowledge because of that makes us more sensitive today. We humans always tend to worry about our appearance in society. And when we practice this we are restricted to behave and communicate in groups, conferences, neighbourhoods, or on digital platforms and we even try to figure out what others may think about and how’d they react.

Primarily, let us know what Social Dynamics mean? One can say it is human behaviour that is the result of his/her interactions with people, groups.Social dynamics is a process that helps an individual to become more intelligent, coherent, and responsible. It leads to a good social life without having any impact on ostentatious attitude, egoism, or internal grudges.

How social dynamics and communication skills influence society around you?

One of the foremost things today we hear is the term “influencers” on any social media platform. But have you ever noticed how a common person turns out to be an influencer it is due to their marketing strategy which includes good communication skills and somehow you often show interest in their product and follow them? Isn’t it true?

Each one of us has different skills but to master in one we need to develop different skills which can influence people around them and one of the foremost skill is Communication skills. As Paul J.Meyer said,” Communication – the human connection – is the key to personal and career success.” It’s truly said to be a good communicator one needs to be a good listener first.

Being a communicator you speak facts that you know but by listening to others you get to know their opinions and figure that you might not know. Listening is as important as speaking and is the key to develop good communication skills. Communication skills are a solitary medium through which people share their ideas, feelings, knowledge, and thoughts with others. If you have effective communication skills, you will be able to present yourself and your knowledge with everyone confidently. Effective Communication involves Clarity, Attention, Consistency, Adequacy, Timeliness, Feedback, and Economy (this principle holds for communication taking place in a formal setup such as an organization).

Becoming a good communicator

To ensure that you maintain the social dynamics of society, as an individual, you need to be a good communicator. Here‘s what you can do to improve your communication which can create a positive impact on Social Dynamics around you:

1.    Be aware of the channel through which communication is taking place

2.    Be confident, calm , clear, concise, competent, and conversational

3.    If you are preparing for speaking in public do more and more practice as it is well said “Practice makes the man perfect.”

4.    Always try to maintain  eye contact with your audience

5.    Actively and attentively listen to the speaker in a conversation

6.    Take time to respond (think before you speak)

7.    Use right and simple words to prevent misinterpretation.


Along with communication skills an individual can easily enhance social dynamics. To conclude , the way you behave, communicate and your attitude affect social dynamics when each time you are in public. So always remember communication is a two way process which takes between one -to-one or one-to-many use of mutually accepted manifestations that will influence their behaviour. Therefore, it is excellent to be wiser than smart.