Maulika Pandey



Importance of tolerance in the society

Published on July, 01 2021

Tolerance, in unembellished form, refers to, accepting the views and feelings of others, even if they believe in a way you disagree. Tolerance needs to be acquired by everyone across the globe.

Tolerance is crucial in a society as it helpsin creating a peaceful environment whereeveryone considers other's ideas andopinions. We need to understand thateveryone has their own beliefs and values,which must be respected and embraced.

Tolerating, leads to a happy, loving, and triumphant society. Tolerance also aids in personal development as it helps people to comprehend the world better. It also introduces them to diverse ideas about a particular topic.

Your principles matter, and so doothers. Tolerance enables to deviateand objectively see where another personis coming from, in terms of their acts, feelings, and other processes when confronted with hardship.

As John C. Maxwell quoted, "Teamwork makes the dream work", but how do different people come together to make one recipe of unlike ingredients of philosophies? Through tolerance! Tolerance creates a great team. It helps accomplish successful projects through the ideas and contributions of everyone and leads to achieving the goals faster.

However, being tolerant is not easy. To be tolerant, one needsto be respectful and patient.Also do not judge a person by their views, as everyone is unique in their way and has their own opinions.

The first step in being tolerant is to accept differences. Practice dealing with things that usually make you intolerant. Be polite and understand the person rather than quarreling with them.

Make sure to listen to the person and see how it will help. Remember not to jump to conclusions just after hearing them speak.

You could also try to put yourself in other peoples’ shoes. Show empathytowards everyone. Questions like- “WouldI like my idea to be ignored?” “Would I behappy if people are not tolerant with me?”

“Will I be upset if someone said this to me?”, such lucid statement will help you think before you decide to act.

If you feel the other person is wrong,ask them why they say that particularthing. But if you misunderstand whatthe other person is saying, ask for explanations or reasons. Many times, hearing the purpose behind something could change your mind. This can help you understand whatever they are trying to elucidate. It is also vital because due to misunderstandings, people may see your thoughts or views as a helium balloon and intentionally let go of it.

Being tolerant doesn’t show you are weak. Instead, only strong people can show this wonderful trait. I’d like to close with the words, “TOLERANCE IS THE KEY TO WORLD PEACE, which reflects the essence of the notion extensively."