Saumya Joshi



Self Defence Training For Students

Published on July, 01 2021

Amidst prevailing enormities in society, self-defence is imperative both for men and women. Self Defence provides physical, mental and emotional strength to a person.

According to the International Court of justice, Self Defence is the inherent right of a person against any form of attack. Self Defence techniques include some physical exercises and application of these as a countermove to defend oneself from harm. Since ancient times, these techniques were taught to soldiers to protect them from an armed attack by the enemy. Judo –karate taekwondo, jujutsu are some of the martial arts that are taught to children.  These techniques have originated in various parts of the world.

With the increase in the rate of crime against women in the present times, it has become necessary to teach them some self-defence techniques to avoid any harassment in their day to day life. Not only women but also their male counterparts need to learn self-defence to combat gender- based violence.

There are Various Self Defence Techniques that one needs to learn against armed attacks faced by him/her including:-


1) Use Safe Body Language

2) Stay in the Group

3) Trust Your Self

4) Use a loud noise

5) Go for  a defence class