Ananya Maheshwari




Published on April, 22 2021

It all started with a 21-day lockdown. It’s been an eternity. But here we – still exist in our good old ways of life.

As an introvert, if you would’ve told me that one day I will beseech to go to school and study – I would’ve laughed on your face as a reply but clearly the tables have turned with me slightly beseeching. Only slightly though. The aspiration of living in the naturally beguiling world really had me going crazy somewhere at the end of 2020. The anxiety of not being able to accomplish life in an almost apocalyptic world and stress from being stuck in the same four walls of the house had accumulated in large unhealthy amounts over the last couple of months. The nervousness and agitation had me questioning my existence. After struggling my way out of 2020, the news about the school re- opening was the light at the end of the tunnel but also a dicey situation at the same time.

Going back to school after months of online classes was frightening and the fact that the virus is still around and spreading impulsively is walking on thin ice. But, as one of the exemplary bands of today sang in one of their songs, life goes on. So here we were – ready with our books, backpacks and bodacious attitude. And of course, masks and sanitizers (Forgetting these two is basically illegal). Resuming education in the actual school building after so much time was challenging. The comfort of our homes which was in our hands for a year was snatched away and replaced by 5 hours of continuous sitting on a chair, 6-feet apart from our friends with masks on our face and dried out hands due to constant application of sanitizers. The only thing which experienced stimulation was the quality of studies which was better through live one-on-one interactions and discussions. Seeing all the teachers again, made me realize that how we are supposed to study, that was, without persistent distractions and procrastination.

The routine switch from online schooling to the traditional type after a year had me perceiving the fact that how much things have changed over the period of just one year. Going back to school really gave me a reality check of where I stood as a student in this growing and socially active world. Aspects that I presumed to be stagnant at an upstanding place were falling day by day. This gave rise to the query, “Is everything okay?” The answer to which was, “Peachy.” So a little suggestion to everyone re-starting school recently – don’t be scared. Things might be intimidating and surprising but they are better than they seem. Because the second you get fearful, it all goes down to nothing. But that does not allow you to just assume everything is perfect because it’s not. There is a faint and fine line between these two and that’s where we stand.

The fine line between these two parameters is like a rope. A rope on which we are balancing away towards our goals with loads and loads of items and baggage in our hands and on our backs. One single lopsided step towards either side and heaps of hard work to get back where we were before falling. This pandemic was and still is a disaster for crores all across the globe. But for thousands, it was a blessing in disguise. And do you think they saw it as one at the beginning? Of course not. But they changed its look and redecorated this adversity as an advantage. We can do that too.