Aakansha Phuloria


Trending Hobbies

Published on April, 22 2021

Introducing to me itself is my duty, but introducing my hobby is limitless. As we all began with the same journey last year, I want to revive some glimpses of those moments which we spent all together. As lockdown period was the tough time faced by each and everyone but still, we found something good and that was regenerating our hobbies. Many people started new activities out of which floriculture was one of the most adorned. Some found spending their leisure time in broiling and baking. Various recently graduated artists started working on their artifice skills. Hobbies emerged out as a source of amusement and pleasure for everyone. We returned to our early years watching those fun filled animated caricature, traditional series of Ramayan and Mahabharata and so on.

Cycling was one the most versatile activity which started in this period. There are many health benefits which make cycling our hobby too. It grew craziness in everyone's mind and roads were almost overcrowded by riders.

Music and dance are every first person's choice and learning instruments too. Individuals began rising their inner hobbies and started mastering themselves in all possible things they can. These hobbies are still in trend now as we can see our Instagram or Facebook interface full of them. Compiling to end is that we all grew up with some extraordinary power but we have to analyse these skills so that it could be a part of life always and forever.