Kanav Sachin Vohra



Video game addiction

Published on June, 29 2021

Video game addiction is comprehensively known as Gaming Disorder. Too much indulgence in anything or work leads to addiction. Addiction can hamper the daily life of any human being because of the obsession towards the same. This makes humans physically and mentally unfit. It can also cause discomfort in the eyes. Any addiction causes loss of health, money, relationship, and respect for others.
The human tendency is to enjoy it the most, but the truth is that gaming leads to a level where one can feel lonely and becomes an introverted personality. Instead of playing outside, people prefer playing games on their electronic gadgets at home. This leads to lack of concentration and disinterest in work or studies. If humans play games for a long time, this affects their education adversely. Due to the addiction to playing games, humans also face problems in getting good sleep.

People who have been addicted to playing video games start experiencing restlessness. Their minds do not agree to perform any other task. As a result, they isolate themselves from the world. They want to spend much of their time playing games.

There are some pros and cons of playing a game.

•    Improves reflex and IQ
•    Brain health


•    Adverse health issues
•    Aggressive thoughts and behavior

How to Overcome Gaming Addiction
Gaming addiction has emerged as a massive issue lately, but it can be eliminated if one has strong willpower and patience. There is no harm in playing video games. Video games can be played to keep boosting the mood, but they should be played for a limited time. It is also very important to have ‘family time’ to emerge from it. Sitting, talking, and playing with family are good methods to keep distance from video games. The most important of these is to give time to you. Children should play outdoor games and develop some hobbies which help in learning several social and management skills. They should learn to share and work as part of a team that assists in attaining holistic health.