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Message From Coordinator

“ Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think. ”

Albert Einstein

Dear Parents, students and well wishers of the Aurum family- My greetings to all of you.

I consider myself fortunate enough to have been entrusted with the responsibility of being an integral part of an educational institution where I can help nurture the future generation of our country. For us at Aurum The Global School your children are the very life and core of our school. As children, their pulsating vibrancy, vivacity and vigor invigorate and enliven our young institution while infusing new energy and enthusiasm. In this regard, the responsibility that is entrusted upon us is absolute, fulfilling and purposeful.

The Pre Primary department is where our children have many of their firsts, donning a school uniform for the first time, learning a new language, jotting down notes in their books - every experience seems new and exciting. The very foundation of their academic tenure is set in stone within these four walls. These seedlings spread their roots within the nurturing soil of our department. We do everything in our power to enrich their growth. Most importantly, the time here encompasses the journey of a child from dependence to self-reliance. The aim is to create an environment that is both stimulating and exciting and one which enhances learning opportunities, for my firm belief is that a happy child is the best learner.

At Aurum the Global School not only do our students demonstrate excellent academic progress and achievement, they are also made aware of the many important qualities of integrity, leadership, adaptability, resilience, and true compassion for others and grow as well grounded and accepting individuals. We are focused on being a student and learning-centered school that is consistently moving forward in preparing students to be successful as modern global citizens along with the support of the cooperative parents.

Aurum The Global School Coordinatior

Warm Regards
Miss. Vidya
[ Aurum The Global School ]


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