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Message From Coordinator

“ Education is the way to prosperity and success in life and has the power to build the person. ”

Dear parents and students,

Greetingsto all of you!

In Aurum, the growth of each individual student is our focus. When we work together and learn together, students will be best able to achieve theirpotentials. Expectations of aurumites are high.

The most important function of education at any level is to develop the personality of the individual. Our school’s approach is the promise of strong commitment and to active and student centered learning for we affirm that learning does not comes only from receiving information but also through critical thinking and deep reflection.

TIn Aurum our curriculumand practices are consistently reviewed to ensure that we are following the most updated best practice.

Our students are involved in variety of extra curriculum activities. Our list of clubs and activities are broadened everyear.

At the end I can proudly say that with the nurturing they get from AURUM THE GLOBAL SCHOOL they would definitely become the future leaders and role models of society.

Aurum The Global School Academic-Coordinatior-Kindergarten

Rashmi Sah
Academic Coordinator- Kindergarten
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