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AURUM THE GLOBAL SCHOOL-Annual Report 2021-2022

"Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful."-- Albert Schweitzer

Education is regarded as the potential instrument of national development. A modern society cannot achieve its aim of economic growth, technical development and cultural advancement without fully harnessing the talents of its citizens.
We are grateful to the Almighty God for all of the blessings showered upon us year after year, particularly during the academic year 2021-22.Since the onset, it has been a practice for Aurum to pause, turn around, and reflect on the past fruitful year, achieving both the expected and unexpected, while setting various benchmarks, and then synergizing ourselves to confront the difficulties of the next year with an affirmative attitude.
In the session 2021-22, the total strength of the school from Nursery to Class XII stands at 1286 Students, 64 Teaching staff, 10 Non-Teaching staff and 30 support staff. Our dedicated and sincere staff members worked efficiently during the entire session to improve the standard of the school.
Like every past year, Aurum The Global School has once again done excellently in academics and non-academic areas.


Aurum The Global School opened in the virtual mode for the academic year 2021-22 on April 1, 2021. As pandemic prevailed, all activities were done in a virtual mode. The teachers used various E-aids to assist the students in the learning process. Concepts and facts were explained in interactive and interesting ways using Zoom, Google classrooms, Video presentations, Ed puzzles etc. Various online activities were conducted to keep up school’s momentum.
In January 2022, following Government’s directives and regulations, the school opened in the physical mode. The students and staff transitioned smoothly from the online to the physical mode. Once again, the school premises bloomed with happy faces. The Unit tests, presentations and Yearly Examinations were conducted in the physical mode where the students performed outstandingly.


Our comprehensive curriculum is a perfect blend of theory and practice in the right proportion.

Academic Achievements:

Academic achievements demonstrate dedication and the ability to perform to one's full potential. The school was rewarded for the students' earnest efforts in the CBSE Exams.
Our school's X Board Exam top scorers were Abhyuday Joshi and Neelansh Goyal with a score of 98.6 %
20 Students scored between 90-100%.
Congratulations to all our achievers.

Co-curricular activities:

Aurum not only focuses on our future generation's academic growth, but also on their emotional and behavioural development in their early years by instilling sound moral values, responsibility, and social awareness. We're doing it through a variety of extracurricular activities and school events.

Functions/ Events:

Throughout the year, a variety of events and functions were planned to help students develop their personalities, as we think that each child is unique and has inherent potential.

Inter-house events:

The school held a variety of Inter-House Competitions throughout the year to develop team spirit and cultural understanding among students.

Enrichment programmes for the teachers:

Up gradation of the skills is of utmost importance for the teachers. Workshops and trainings foster new ideas and promote creativity, experimentation, knowledge, skill development, and personal growth.
Various virtual and physical enrichment activities were held for teachers during the session.
Regular staff meetings were held to assess performance and prepare for the future with more innovative teaching and learning approaches.


Students were assessed and evaluated on a regular basis, and their progress was communicated to their parents on a regular basis. Students participated in subject enrichment activities like project presentations, which the teachers examined as part of students’ internal evaluation.
Aurum also conducts monthly presentations which serve dual purposes; checks the knowledge of students and improves their public speaking skills. We have, as well, joined hands with British Council and offered optional courses on English, Financial Literacy, Digital Literacy, Entrepreneurship, Team-work, Time Management, Stress Management etc.


Our vision is to be one of the most respected schools in the city, recognized as a secular institution that fosters character and ethical leadership in its students as they pursue success.
We aim to be known as an example for academic, artistic, and athletic success where each student demonstrates respect, responsibility, and a dedication to academic and civic achievement.


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