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Aurum Rules & Regulations

We are redefining and implementing the set of rules and disciplinary measures for our students. In case a student fails to adhere to the given rules, the management shall take appropriate and strict action. You, as a parent are requested to go through the disciplinary policy, monitor your child ensure your complete support in enabling us to make this function conscientiously.

Attendance : Daily class attendance is a condition for fulfilling requirements of the academic programme, completing coursework, and general academic progress at the school. 80% attendance of the academic year is a prerequisite for promotion to the next grade level. The school reserves the right to withhold promotions, in case the minimum requirement is not fulfilled.

Absenteeism: Students may be absent from school only for an essential and important reason, such as illness or a family emergency. The school seeks co-operation from parents in exercising the utmost discretion in excusing their children from school. If the student is absent for any reason, he/she must write a leave note in the school diary signed by the parent/guardian explaining the reason for their absence. In the event of a planned absence, parents are requested to seek the permission of the Principal in advance before proceeding on leave. If time permits, the teacher will devise a plan to enable the child to maintain grade-level expectations. If a child is absent during examinations or tests, no exams or tests shall be re-conducted




Students are expected to attend classes daily unless prevented by illness or other emergency. Students are expected to follow some rules mentioned as below:


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